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London A-Z – ‘A’

3 Feb , 2018 Arts,Things To Do In London

Ok-sies campers. I know you have been waiting on baited breath for my next blog post, especially after the very […]

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sorry not sorry (a sort of joke post)

22 Jan , 2018 Things To Do In London

London How-To’s: Sorry Ok, so last week on social media, we focused our London How-To’s and Word of the week […]

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Guest Interview – Seb

8 Jan , 2018 The Dictionary Hostel

We love our guests – you guys are the best(s). Really. So we thought it would be fun to shine […]

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NYE in London

18 Dec , 2017 Arts,Culture,Food & Drink,Things To Do In London,Uncategorised

Oh. My. God. I can’t actually believe that its already NYE. Honestly. It makes me feel sick. Here is a […]

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Gift Suggestions because Everyone Loves Presents

9 Dec , 2017 Arts,Culture,London's Best...,Things To Do In London

Everyone loves presents. And some people love buying other people presents. But no one likes last minute present getting. So, […]

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Cocktail Recipes for Bartender Appreciation Day

1 Dec , 2017 Food & Drink,Uncategorised

Its bartender appreciation day! Wahoo! I was a bartender once. Actually, that’s a lie. I was a cocktail waitress. In […]

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Take a Ride Day

22 Nov , 2017 Fitness,Things To Do In London

London may not strike you as the most cycle friendly city, but there’s no doubt if you’ve been spending time […]

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World Vegan Month

6 Nov , 2017 Food & Drink

Hey campers! This month it’s World Vegan Month. We think that’s a great thing. Being vegan is good for animals, […]

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Spooky Scary.

31 Oct , 2017 Food & Drink,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

This week is Halloween. It’s also Dia De Los Muertos. And Bonfire Night! Which is basically the best week in […]

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Stuff to do this week in London (pre-Halloweeeeeen)

23 Oct , 2017 Arts,Culture,Food & Drink,Things To Do In London

Guys, I’m not going to lie, there’s loads on this week. I’m genuinely overwhelmed by all the things on. In […]

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Redemption Week

18 Oct , 2017 Events,Things To Do In London

Hi there. Its Wednesday. We are half way through this week. Which is great. And this week has already had […]

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This Weekend in Fun.

13 Oct , 2017 Culture,Events,Food & Drink,Uncategorised

Its Friday and Friday is once again upon us and its Fri-yay and where has the time gone and living […]

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