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Christmas in London means you get to be a kid all over again!

1 Dec , 2018 Blogs,Food & Drink,Guests,Guests,humor,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

Christmas in London! Christmas in London means you get to be a kid all over again. Only this time you […]

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Where to go for Firework Night in London!

28 Oct , 2018 Blogs,Culture,Events,Food & Drink,humor,Things To Do In London,Uncategorised

“Guy Fawkes, guy, t’was his intent, To blow up king and parliament. Three score barrels were laid below, To prove […]

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Halloween in London – its time to get your freak on!

22 Oct , 2018 Arts,Blogs,Events,Food & Drink,Guests,humor,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

I think I like Halloween more than Christmas.  I announced this to my family recently who looked at me as […]

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London A-Z – D is for Dictionary!

11 May , 2018 Culture,London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

It’s that time again, I know you’ve all been dying to know what would make the cut for this month’s […]

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Dictionary Hostel Stories – Interview with Helena

13 Apr , 2018 Staff Member Of The Month,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

Tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Helena and I am from Tenerife, Canary Islands, but I grew […]

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London A-Z – C is for cynicism…

6 Apr , 2018 humor,London's Best...

Which is how you know you’re a true Londoner! C is also for charm, charisma and chaos. All words we’d […]

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Easter Weekend in London.

15 Mar , 2018 London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel

O.M.ACTUALGOD. Easter is in a couple of weeks. Which for some people means a weekend to remember the sort of […]

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Sponsored Blog – London Hair Academy offers for Dictionary Guests

9 Mar , 2018 Uncategorised

We’ve got some NEWS! We’ve partnered with the London Hair Academy to offer some inexpensive haircuts to the guest of […]

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Dictionary Stories: Interview with Eliska, the owner of the Dictionary Hostel.

8 Mar , 2018 Blogs,The Dictionary Hostel

I met Eliska in 2016, when her youngest daughter Caitlin, who was 7 at the time, auditioned to be in […]

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London A-Z this month is B.

1 Mar , 2018 Arts,London's Best...

London A-Z – B! Hey babies, we are in a whole new month, MARCH-  which means a whole new letter. […]

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Interview With the Fabulous Zambar

23 Feb , 2018 Staff Member Of The Month,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

Zambar is the most fabulous member of our staff. He is originally from South Africa and works on the Dictionary […]

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Screw Valentines

7 Feb , 2018 Arts,Culture,fitness,Food & Drink,London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel

I hate Valentine’s Day. Genuinely. I always have. It’s bollocks. I didn’t care about it when I was single and […]

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