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Interview With the Fabulous Zambar

23 Feb , 2018 Staff Member Of The Month,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

Zambar is the most fabulous member of our staff. He is originally from South Africa and works on the Dictionary […]

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Screw Valentines

7 Feb , 2018 Arts,Culture,fitness,Food & Drink,London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel

I hate Valentine’s Day. Genuinely. I always have. It’s bollocks. I didn’t care about it when I was single and […]

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London A-Z – ‘A’

3 Feb , 2018 Arts,Things To Do In London

Ok-sies campers. I know you have been waiting on baited breath for my next blog post, especially after the very […]

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sorry not sorry (a sort of joke post)

22 Jan , 2018 Things To Do In London

London How-To’s: Sorry Ok, so last week on social media, we focused our London How-To’s and Word of the week […]

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Guest Interview – Seb

8 Jan , 2018 The Dictionary Hostel

We love our guests – you guys are the best(s). Really. So we thought it would be fun to shine […]

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NYE in London

18 Dec , 2017 Arts,Culture,Food & Drink,Things To Do In London,Uncategorised

Oh. My. God. I can’t actually believe that its already NYE. Honestly. It makes me feel sick. Here is a […]

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Gift Suggestions because Everyone Loves Presents

9 Dec , 2017 Arts,Culture,London's Best...,Things To Do In London

Everyone loves presents. And some people love buying other people presents. But no one likes last minute present getting. So, […]

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Cocktail Recipes for Bartender Appreciation Day

1 Dec , 2017 Food & Drink,Uncategorised

Its bartender appreciation day! Wahoo! I was a bartender once. Actually, that’s a lie. I was a cocktail waitress. In […]

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Take a Ride Day

22 Nov , 2017 Fitness,Things To Do In London

London may not strike you as the most cycle friendly city, but there’s no doubt if you’ve been spending time […]

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World Vegan Month

6 Nov , 2017 Food & Drink

Hey campers! This month it’s World Vegan Month. We think that’s a great thing. Being vegan is good for animals, […]

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Spooky Scary.

31 Oct , 2017 Food & Drink,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

This week is Halloween. It’s also Dia De Los Muertos. And Bonfire Night! Which is basically the best week in […]

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Stuff to do this week in London (pre-Halloweeeeeen)

23 Oct , 2017 Arts,Culture,Food & Drink,Things To Do In London

Guys, I’m not going to lie, there’s loads on this week. I’m genuinely overwhelmed by all the things on. In […]

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