Screw Valentines

7 Feb , 2018 Arts,Culture,fitness,Food & Drink,London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel

I hate Valentine’s Day. Genuinely. I always have. It’s bollocks. I didn’t care about it when I was single and we aren’t allowed to celebrate in the relationship that I’m in. And no, it’s not because I hate love. It’s because Valentine’s Day is a capitalists money-making hoax holiday that is made to make people feel bad. No matter what your relationship status is. Hear me out – when you aren’t in a relationship, you feel shitty because you are surrounded by people who are acting saccharine sweet in-love and roses and romantic meals. When you are in a relationship or dating, you feel shitty because you are expected to spend LOADS of money doing things that are ‘special’ getting gifts and outdoing your friends’ gifts for their loved ones.

So let’s SCREW VALENTINE’S this year. Let’s reclaim the holiday. Let’s reclaim #love from all the fuckers who want to ruin it, change it, turn it into something unachievable and unrealistic. Let’s take the 14th February away from people who want to make it about fear and consumption. Let’s be honest about the fact the LEAST ROMANTIC thing in the world is someone doing something because they feel they have to.

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I am a completely independent agent when I write these. Ultimately, the Dictionary Hostel is a business, and this blog is, ultimately, here to encourage you to come and patron that business. But we are an independent business, we pride ourselves on being affordable and friendly and somewhere people want to come back to. We have a huge number of repeat customers and low staff turnover. We love Shoreditch, we love you guys and we want you to feel happy and good and content. We want you to have fun and not feel crappy because of some dumbass day. So, I hope you believe me when I tell you that this isn’t a marketing ploy. I really think this is the way forward. FUCK IT. Let’s hang out with our friends. Let’s do things that are nice for each other. Let’s get really drunk. Or get our nails done. Or go for a walk. Or see a show. Or go dancing. Or exercise (exercise is really good if you want to feel loved up). Or go dancing. Or eat some really nice dinner because WE WANT TO, not because we feel like we have to!

And if you want to take a trip with your friends (because we all know true love, why not come and stay with us – we’ll give you 20% off your bed to boot! We will have no Valentine’s anything going on. No roses. No chocolates (not in a heart shaped box anyway). No cards that will get thrown away.

What we will have a good, old fashioned party atmosphere, we will have normal 20% off at Translate Bar and we will have the best staff at any hostel in London to make you feel loved and welcome without any of the pitfalls.

Come and SCREW VALENTINE’S with us. Love your friends. Love London. And try some of these brilliant things our friends here have to offer –  we know they will get your motor running!

Shoreditch Nails – the cutest and coolest nail salon in East London – hurry though, they are booking up quick.

Shoreditch Town Hall – Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari have collaborated with actual genius artist Abigail Conway to make Party Skills for the end of the World. It’s like a partyshowworkshop, and more guaranteed fun than anything else happening in Shoreditch in February. And, if you book 4 or more tickets you get a 20% discount as a hostel guest. Shoot us an email or direct message to get the code!

Duckie – Haven’t been down to RVT for this famous night of disco and queer performances?  NOW IS THE TIME!

Barry’s Bootcamp – Shannon Belcastro is the master of a feel-good mix. He’s a professional dancer who has danced with Kanye AND Whitney. Go to his Sunday class before you hit up your bottomless brunch!

Rochelle Canteen – be still my heart, this is the loveliest restaurant in London. Tucked away in a secret garden in Arnold Circus, they are still BYOB and make food that is BEYOND delicious.

Dictionary Pub Crawl – what better way to make new friends than getting absolutely tanked with people! Every Friday and Saturday evening!



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