Our Pick Of The Best Street Food In East London

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London, and East London especially, is renowned for it’s incredibly delicious selection of street food options, ranging from thick, juicy American style burgers to Korean steamed buns. Make sure your tummy is ready and feast your eyes on our favourite street food in Shoreditch.


Bleecker St.

Bleecker St. - Old Spitalfields Market, Unit B, SP 4, E1 6EA

Bleecker St. – Old Spitalfields Market, Unit B, SP 4, E1 6EA (credit: Bleecker St.)

Inspired by the big burgers of the East Village, New York, founder Zan knew that she needed to bring this specialty with her when she moved to London from the big apple! Named after her favourite street in Manhatten, Bleecker St. now has a permanent shop in Old Spitalfields Market where they serve some of the most intensely juicy burgers this side of London. Accompanied with a good portion of fries and a shake, you could easily mistake East London for the East Village chomping down on one of these bad boys.


The Rib Man


The Rib Man is somewhat of a legend round these parts. If you’re taking a stroll down Brick Lane on a Sunday morning then it’s guaranteed you’ll be like “oh my god, what is that smell!?”. That smell would be the insanely good ribs that our boy Mark is serving up! Mark has been in the meat business since he was 15, working as a butcher and making sure his meat knowledge is top notch. The meat from the ribs is incredibly tender, thanks to his dedicated method of slow cooking them, producing a fantastically sweet flavor. Drizzle them with any of The Rib Man’s special homemade hot sauces and you’ll either be laughing or crying… The ‘Holy F**k’ hot sauce is something else!


Morty & Bob’s

Morty and Bob's - Netil Market, 11-25 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

Morty and Bob’s – Netil Market, 11-25 Westgate Street, E8 3RL (credit: Morty and Bob’s)

Charlie and Jess established Morty and Bob’s in 2013 after their mutual love (or obsession?) with American grilled cheese sandwiches and croque monsieur’s inspired them to create their own British version. They use some of Britain’s finest cheeses to make their delicious grilled sandwiches the stringiest and ooziest they can. And what’s not to love about the words stringy, oozey and cheese in a sentence? You can find Morty and Bob’s at Netil Market every Saturday from 11AM – 4PM, we recommended the Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese, it is most delicious!



Rola Wala


Arriving back in London, Mark Wright knew he had to bring the amazing flavours he’d discovered from travelling around India to the people of the capital. Mark grafted away at the early street food markets in 2012, experimenting with his unique flavour combinations and now, in 2015, has a permanent residence with Street Feast at Dalston Yard and Model Market. The food is made from scratch daily using high quality, fresh ingredients that pack some serious flavour! You can choose to have your selection of delicious veggies and pulses or perfectly spiced meats in either a naan roll or hot bowl with a range of fresh salads and chutneys. You can find Rola Wala at Street Feast Dalston Yard from 5PM every Friday and Saturday.



Yum Bun

Yum Bun - Street Feast's Dinerama, 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ OR Hawker House, Canada Street, SE16 2XU

Yum Bun – Street Feast’s Dinerama, 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ OR Street Feast’s Hawker House, Canada Street, SE16 2XU (credit: Menuspring)

Who wants to see the cutest food ever created? Well then head over to Street Feast’s Dinerama or Hawker House for the squishiest, softest steamed buns you could ever see! Oh, and they taste uhhh-mazing! Fill your pillowy bun with a variety of Taiwanese fillings including slow roasted pork belly, Japanese fried chicken, shrimp, duck, fish or veggies, at Yum Bun, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. Real, authentic East Asian buns, right on our doorstep, what more could you ask for?


East London has several street food markets, including Urban Food Fest, Pump Shoreditch and all of Street Feast‘s offerings. Make sure to check them all out for some of the best food on the East side!

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