Our Pick of The 5 Best Pancake Joints in London

28 Feb , 2017 Food & Drink

Well well well, it’s only February and we’ve already reached the best day of the year! Christmas? No, no, no. Move on my jingle belled friend, because today is PANCAKE DAY: the day when you’re technically supposed to behave like a responsible adult and finish off the flour and eggs you have leftover from Christmas before Lent starts. But we all know that what it actually ends up being is an amazing Nutella extravaganza, with moderation and caution thrown to the wind.  


  1. The Breakfast Club, Soho

A wonderful place in the heart of lovely Soho dedicated to all things breakfast, but since this post is dedicated to the magical cakes of the pan, we’ll just focus on them. The pancake offering at this breakfast joint is limited to 5 variations, but oh boy, they’re good ones: “The All American”, “Veggie All American” and our favourite “Ham So Eggsited”. Food definitely tastes better if it has a pun in the name, that’s just a fact. As if things didn’t seem pretty amazing already, you’ll be happy to know that they also hold a Pancake Day Challenge – if you can eat 12 Pancakes in 12 Minutes, you get them for free. Challenge absolutely accepted!


  1. My Old Dutch, Holborn

If you think all those other breakfast items on cafe menus are pointless and your only goal for the day is to immerse yourself in a world of magic pancakey goodness, then My Old Dutch pancake house could be exactly what you’re looking for. They have no less than 11 different pancake dishes ranging from Sugar and Lemon Pancakes to Vermeer Pancakes. Yu-hum!


  1. Sunday, Caledonian Road

Cozy, wonderful pancake heaven – that’s how we would describe the Sunday Cafe. They have good options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, with generous portions and great coffee. Visitors often say that they serve one of the best breakfasts in London and to be honest, “Pancakes with Bacon & Honeycomb Butter” truly does sound like the best breakfast in the world to us too <3


  1. Le Merlin, Hackney

This stylish East London creperie doesn’t mess around when it comes to pancakes – they offer only pancakes in a lovely rustic setting. They have something for every taste, be it savoury or sweet. Favourites include Toulouse Sausage with Gruyere and Mustard Sauce and for something sweet – Homemade Salted Butter Caramel with Chocolate Sauce and Grilled Almond. Need we say more?


  1. Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch

Our lovely friends at the Queen of Hoxton always know how to celebrate everything in style, so this Pancake Day is no exception. Join them on their #SkyeHalla rooftop and celebrate Pancake Day! They’ll be serving up an amazing menu of pancakes including whiskey maple syrup pulled pork pancakes, mac & cheese pancake served with crispy maple bacon & chili oil and buttermilk pancakes with caramelized banana, strawberry, chocolate & caramel sauce. Take us there now!

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