How To Get To The Dictionary Hostel From The Airport

14 Mar , 2016 The Dictionary Hostel

You’ve made it! The sleepless flight, the icky plane food, the dodgy films can all be left behind for now as you’ve just arrived at the airport to start your adventure in London town! But… erm…how do you get there? Follow our flawless guide to get to The Dictionary Hostel without a problem! On most journeys, you’ll need to take the tube so for more info on the London Underground and how to buy tickets, check out our guide to the tube!


In most cases, the easiest station to travel to will be Liverpool Street. To get to the Dictionary Hostel from Liverpool Street, follow the exit out onto Sun St Passage, and turn right towards Bishopsgate/A10. Then you pretty much just walk up this same road for about 15 minutes until you see us on the right, just before the second overground bridge! Download the citymapper app for iOS and Android for extra help navigating the tube and buses.


Heathrow Airport

21 May 2007, London, England, UK --- Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport --- Image by © Peter Durant/Arcaid/Corbis

There are many different modes of travel available to get you from Heathrow to central London. The easiest and fastest way is to go via the Heathrow Express train.


The Heathrow Express trains will take you directly to Paddington Station in London and the average journey time for all terminals is around 15 minutes. A single ticket will cost you £27 on board, but if you pre-book online (the earlier, the better) tickets can start from £5.50! The train offers free Wi-Fi and at-seat power sockets so you can recharge those batteries straight away.


Once you arrive at Paddington, jump on the London Underground and onto the yellow Circle Line (Eastbound) to Liverpool Street station. This journey will take around 25 minutes.


Alternatively, you can jump straight on to the Piccadilly line from Heathrow Airport as these run from all terminals. You’ll want to jump off at Holborn and travel on the Central Line (Eastbound) to Liverpool Street. It’s a long journey, clocking it at just over an hour, but it’s certainly cheap!


Gatwick Airport


There are many ways to travel into London from Gatwick, but like Heathrow, the Gatwick Express train is the easiest and quickest way! The non-stop train runs every 15 minutes and will take you straight into Central London to Victoria station in around 30 minutes. The fares are again relatively cheap, with singles starting from £19.90 at the ticket office and £17.70 when pre-booked online.


From Victoria station, jump on the Victoria line (Northbound) to Oxford Circus. At Oxford Circus, change to the Central Line (Eastbound) and head to Liverpool Street Station. This entire tube journey should take around 20 minutes.


Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport

The trains are definitely the quickest way of getting into London, so naturally we recommend the Stansted Express. Services run every 15 minutes and tickets can be booked for as little as £8 one-way when buying online in advance. Stansted Express stops Liverpool Street, so you basically just need to chill out on the train till then and then follow the instructions at the top to get to The Dictionary Hostel from Liverpool Street.


London City Airport


If you fly into London City Aiport, then the best bets are to jump straight on the DLR to lead you onto the London Underground or grab a licensed cab or a licensed London Black Taxi. The taxis will cost you anywhere from £20+ to The Dictionary Hostel, so make sure you get some quotes beforehand on the London City Airport site.


If taking the DLR, then head towards Shadwell, and change there to the Overground Line to Shoreditch High Street. This will take you around 25 minutes. From Shoreditch High Street, exit out onto Braithwaite Street and turn left onto Bethnal Green Road. Walk up towards Shoreditch High Street and walk up for around 5 minutes till you see us on the right!


Luton Airport

London Luton Airport

The direct trains from London Luton Airport Parkway are the easiest way of getting to London and The Dictionary Hostel. You’ll first have to jump on the Shuttle Bus to Luton Airport Parkway, and then grab the train to Kings Cross St. Pancras. The journey will take around 45 minutes. Once you’re at Kings Cross St. Pancras, find the underground and jump on the Nothern Line (Southbound) to Old Street. This will only take 5 minutes! Once you come out of the station, walk up Old Street for 5 minutes or so and then turn left onto Kingsland Road, where you’ll find us pretty much straight away, up on the right!



There are also plenty of National Express coaches running from each of the airports above (excluding London City Airport) that will get you into London, where you’ll only need to walk around 5-10 minutes to get to The Dictionary Hostel. The buses will drop you at bus stop J outside Boxpark in Shoreditch. These buses cost from as little as £6 one-way when booked in advance. They take a little longer to get here but definitely worth it if you’re on a budget!


We hope this guide helps you in getting to The Dictionary Hostel from the major airports in and around London. We’ll see you soon!

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