Gift Suggestions because Everyone Loves Presents

9 Dec , 2017 Arts,Culture,London's Best...,Things To Do In London

Everyone loves presents.

And some people love buying other people presents.

But no one likes last minute present getting.

So, we are here to help. Maybe. We’ll only help if you buy us a present. Kidding – we are going to help you even without a present.

As we are a hostel, we thought about doing a ‘best Christmas gifts for travelers’ blog. But, to be honest, other people have already made those lists, and others, that are more comprehensive than we would have done. Check out this one, this one and this one. There is also a good gift guide from our buddies down at Lyle’s for people who like eating and drinking and this great one from Into The Gloss for people who like makeup. And here is New York Magazine’s epic gift guide that literally should cover everything you might need to buy forever.

And here are some London-centric gifts – these would be great gifts for someone coming to stay at The Dictionary over the holiday period, whether that person is you or someone you like enough to spend money on them. And none of these are premium-mediocre gifts either. They are all premium.

Dinner at Lyle’s

This is the second time I’ve mentioned Lyle’s in one blog post. I love it there soooo much. They have meat, veggie and vegan choices for their prix fix dinner making it fun for the whole family. It’s also a little pricey – not like sell a kidney and give up the rights to your first born pricey, but enough that it’s a special occasion thing. The room is beautiful, the service is amazing, the wine is so good you could die. What’s not to love?

Modigliani at the Tate Modern

I don’t care what the stuffy art critics say, I think Modigliani’s long faced blank eyed women are haunting and pretty awesome. Get someone a ticket and they can decide for themselves.

Football match tickets

You can choose the team yourself and get dressed up all warm and sing some songs and feel like you participated in a grand old act of social unity. Who cares about winning and losing when 60,000 people are all chanting together (seriously, it’s amazing)

A day trip to Brighton

Brighton is the best. It’s like London but smaller and by the sea. You should get someone to take you there. And eat fish and chips and visit the Marlborough Theatre & Pub and try to find where Nick Cave lives.

A Goodhood Gift Certificate

You all know how much I love Goodhood. Please, will someone get this for me?

And if all else fails, get someone one of Rachel Roddy’s brilliant cookbook. There is no other food writer out there who makes you feel like a brilliant chef for making grilled cheese. I love her writing and I love her recipes I think everyone should be as empowered cooking as she makes you feel.



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