5 of the Best Barber Shops in East London

18 Apr , 2017 Arts,Culture,London's Best...

Have you heard? Summer is coming! London has officially had more than 3 days with a temperature over 20°C so we’re allowed to be a bit excited. Also, we thought with all the hot weather coming our way it would be only appropriate to talk about removing some of that winter face insulation (don’t worry, not all of it, just a trim). Here we go!


NV Barbers

Since they’re our neighbours and quite a few of our crew get their manes and beards trimmed there, it’s only fair that we start off with the lovely NV Barbers. Literally, just down the road from The Dictionary, you can go there and get your face summer ready with a hot towel shave (including shoulder massage!) or just get a trim if you’re still not ready to give up the beardy.


Jack the Clipper

If we’re talking about famous London barbers, then Jack the Clipper most definitely makes the cut. This great London salon was first set up in 1996 and is well known for combining ancient barbering techniques with the latest trends to create very special haircuts.


Murdock London Shoreditch

If you’re feeling a bit fancy and want to treat your tired, backpacking face to an extraordinary barbershop experience then definitely consider giving Murdock London a try. Set in our very own Shoreditch, Murdock London is what your face and scalp has been waiting for. Have a look at their swanky presentation video to get an idea of what to expect.

THE MURDOCK LONDON EXPERIENCE from Murdock London on Vimeo.


Huckle the Barber

Oldy Worldy skill meets Shoreditch Hipster style – this is how one customer refers to this awesome East London barber joint: vintage barber chairs, Edwardian tiles and exposed brick walls. Also very well known for the great music selection played while you’re getting your haircut – because your ears deserve a little love too.


The Nomad Barbershop

Last but not least, we’d like to give a very special mention to this barbershop with a twist. The Nomad Barbershop is run by the world’s most travelled barber! Miguel Gutierrez went on an epic trip around the world in a quest to find out more about his trade. He travelled to more than 20 countries in 10 months and gave haircuts to the people he met along the way. So if you weren’t lucky enough to meet him on his travels, you can make your way down to his East London barbershop and get a true backpacker barber experience from someone who’s done it themselves 🙂



Until next time, Stay Cool! ✌️

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