This Weekend in Fun.

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Its Friday and Friday is once again upon us and its Fri-yay and where has the time gone and living for the weekend and weekend warrior and bring on the weekend and and and and and and and and.

Whatcha doin?

Maybe you already have plans.

If you do, good for you.

If you are anything like me, and sort of wait until the last minute, spending most of the week telling yourself you are going to have a quiet one, only for it to come to 5:45pm on a Friday desperately wondering why you don’t have any plans and have NO IDEA what is happening this weekend.

Luckily for you, I have done a weekend roundup. I would do any/all of these things this weekend, but as I am dog sitting for Cai, a lovely collie/lurcher/husky mix, we can only do dog friendly activities. If you like dogs, Cai is really cute, I’ll tweet a photo.

If you don’t like dogs, stop reading right now and never come back.

Ok, onto the possibilities!


Party: The Oval, Hackney

The Oval consistently has the best nights in London in my opinion. Its always fun, the crowd is always up for it, but not in a gross way, and it sounds amazing in there. They have 2 venues, Oval Space and The Pickle Factory. Tonight, The Pickle Factory are hosting an electro night with the legendary Gerald Donald performing live as his cult project Arpanet, which is awesome. Oval Space also has a techno night with American DJ Joey Anderson and excellent French DJ Lena Willikens making her Oval House Debut. Both nights are on unitl 6am.

If you are still alive after all of that, tomorrow is the Hackney mini-music festival, Hackney Wonderland. 4 venues (including Oval Space and the Pickle Factory), lots of bands, £22.50 for the whole thing. You should go and then you should use your magic internet lightbox to tell us how much fun you’re having.


Art: Erin Markey –  Boner Killer, The Yard Theatre

Erin Markey is a genius. This show is extraordinary. Watch the trailer, then watch My Cartouche, a music video she made with my art-crush-company, Half Straddle, from 2010, and then get your ass to The Yard in Hackney Wick and have your life changed. Seriously. If you go tomorrow, make a day of it. Drink some beer at Crate, wander up and down the canal, see the Olympic Park, and then see the greatest, funniest, smartest, most brilliant show/gig/act/art you’ve ever seen.

Just go.


Fierce vs. The Yard Presents: Boner Killer


More Art:DoppelDänger,  She Goat, Battersea Arts Centre


Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner are actually doppelgängers. They are 2 members of the one of the greatest theatre companies working at the moment, Little Bulb, and constantly get mistaken for eachother. Even though Eugénie is French and Shamira is from Kent. And most people who think they are the same person have heard them speak. Because they talk in their shows. So, in response, they’ve made a beautiful, weird, and genuniely dangerous feeling gig-show (because they are super talented and both play all the instruments and sing really well) that is fucking gorgeous and well-worth the schlep to BAC. Its sooooooooo good.



Walk: Hampstead Heath

THE WEATHER IS GOING TO BE AMAZING THIS WEEKEND. Let me repeat that. THE WEATHER IS GOING TO BE AMAZING THIS WEEKEND. Make like everyone else in London and go to Hampstead Heath. It’s beautiful open parkland with forests and fields and the best high up view of the city. If you are feeling brave, swim in the ponds – the water is 15*C – bracing. You’ll feel amazing after. Reborn. Completely new. And hungry. Like, so hungry. Take a picnic. Or go to the Flask in Highgate Village and nab a sunny picnic table for one of the best Sunday lunches in town. I could go on about the Heath forever, but I won’t. Just take my word for it.


Eat: P.Franco.

I’ve already told you about Noble Fine Liquor on Broadway Market. This is even better. Its their restaurant. You get to drink all of their delicious wine and eat it with delicious food. Its small and intimate and cool and I love it there. You can get the bus from Hackney Rd to right outside the door. When you are done eating, pop up and check out the Windsor Castle pub.





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