Staff New Year Resolutions

7 Jan , 2016 Staff Member Of The Month,The Dictionary Hostel

Happy New Year from The Dictionary Hostel! We had a chat with the staff about what their new year resolutions are for 2016, and we’re gonna make sure they stick to em’! Unsurprisingly, a lot of them are to do with travelling… our little wanderers can’t keep their toes still for too long!

Petra´s resolution: I would like to enjoy everyday, expand my knowledge and try something new.


Sabrina’s resolution: To venture out of Shoreditch more than once a week!


Mathieu´s resolution: Always give my best, depending of my mood ;)!


Arianna´s resolution: My new year’s resolution is travel around the world discovering different cultures.


Uriel´s resolution: My resolution for 2016 is to travel and get to know different music and sounds.


Patricia´s resolution: My resolution of this year is to learn different languages like Italian and French with the help of our Dictionary’s guests!


Daiana’s resolutionChoose the ” chocolate brownies” instead of the “extra chocolate brownies “!


Joao’s resolutionThe only thing i came to London for; Find a job in architecture and start a new life, meet new people and make new friends.


Dan’s resolutionMy resolution is to commit to staying fit, cycle to France, start my own business and to give more compliments.

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And our resolution is to keep running the best value hostel in Shoreditch so we can meet new people from all over the world, everyday 🙂


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