SMOTW: Karine Larochelle! :)

20 Feb , 2015 Uncategorized

SMOTW this week is the lovely Karine Larochelle. Karine always greets everyone with a dazzling smile and a thick French accent. With such good manners, you could be fooled into thinking that she’s been to finishing school. Not only that, but we think she is the best dressed receptionist we’ve ever had… Always so presentable, we forever dread being seen next to her first thing in the morning.

Find out more about her below:

Karine Larochelle

Which part of the hostel do you work in?

Best thing about life in the hostel?
The ever changing room mates

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Learn how to swim

Favourite way to spend a tenner?
Cupcake and a glass of white wine

Oh nooooo! You just found out you have 1 more year to live! Whats the top 3 on you bucketlist?
Go and live in Portland, lean how to piano the piano, choose my coffin of course

Must do while staying in East London?
Walk around and talk to people to people

If you were to create a drink, what would you put in it and what would it be called?
Pink party: cherries, strawberries and red wine

What song goes on repeat in you Ipod?
A little too much by Natasha Bedingfield (cheesy song, I know)

Where are you from and why did you decide to come to London?
I’m from France and I came because I wanted to live in a big city

Favourite word in the dictionary and why?
“Nevertheless”. Nobody says that, it’s a shame!

Thanks for the hard work, Karine! Keep it up 🙂