Staff Member of the Week: Victor

12 Jan , 2015 Uncategorized

Our first staff member of the week for 2015 is… Victor! We love having him around the place and always see him reading a book, wearing a pair of trouser braces and a flat cap. He may not speak much English, but we managed to conduct our interview with him using the help of a translator and a bit of sign language. So, here he is…

Love that flat cap

Love that flat cap

Name and Surname
Victor Ruiz

Which part of the hostel do you work in?

Where are you from and why did you decide to come to London?
I’m from the Canary Islands in Spain. I decided to come to London to look for a better future. I want to be a writer, so I’m looking to see if anyone will publish my pieces.

Yes, that’s right, Victor left the Canary Islands (above) to come to London 😉

Best thing about life in the hostel?
The staff and my co-workers

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Favourite way to spend a tenner?
Buying a book!

Oh nooooo! You just found out you have 1 more year to live! Whats the top 3 on you bucketlist?
Find a way to become immortal, and then find out how to save my loved ones too. I would want it to be the best year of my life if it’s going to be my last.

Must do while staying in East London?
A pint in Translate bar!

If you were to create a drink, what would you put in it and what would it be called?
I’d make an alcoholic milkshake with banana and strawberries. I’d call it: “Eternal Youth”

Victor comes to work even better dressed than this little guy

What song goes on repeat in you Ipod?
Wheel by John Meyer or Ray Charles’ song Hit The Road Jack

Favourite word in the dictionary and why?
I don’t know so many words in English, but my favourite would have to be ‘hostel’. The reason being that I love stopping at The Dictionary!

Gracias, Victor! Keep up the great work amigo!