Merry BritMas

9 Dec , 2014 Uncategorized

It’s that Chirstmas Season, and you’re in Britain.

Let’s celebrate it the British way…maybe?


Think the Irish snowman is holding the Camera


Ireland :
Ireland a is very Catholic faith country so Christmas Eve Midnight Mass is a big tradition, friends, family, and neighbours meet up to enjoy carols, plays, music and warmth.


Singing time

 But Christmas Morning why not go for a festive swim? Yes jumping off the Forty Foot rock in south of Dublin. Hundreds of people jump in waters of 50F/10C. Warning it’s not for wimps, if you want you can take pictures and hand out towels.


Wales :
Dressed in white drapes, carrying a horse’s skull on a long pole seems fun? With some singing accompanied by the harp and we have eisteddfodde 🙂  a Welsh Christmas. However this could cost you, so don’t get bitten 😉


Not sure how you would keep up with the horse’s head

Not talented in playing the harp, you could just make some TAFFY! It’s “the most important of the welsh Christmas” and I personally think the one of the sweetest things on Christmas. Get me Brown sugar and Butter NOW!


Taffy/ toffee tomato/tomato



Scotland :
🙁 Imaging Christmas being banned for 400 years !!! Well poor Scots didn’t get any pressies, gifts, or got involved till 1958! WHAT!?


Maybe next time

Well Robert Burns (a scot ) did write the great Auld Lang Senge poem now folk song… We all love this folk song.

We’ll come back to Scotland for new years 🙂

Now it’s the English Christmas time, lets get Royal with it. At 3pm the Queen will give a speech, this was started by George V in 1932. Don’t feel left out we can make our own crowns out of paper and wear them too 🙂 everyone is Royal for the day, since the 1900s.


Is that a seat for me ? I do own a crown

Finally we can have Tea with minced pies, keeping it officially British… PG Tips preferably 🙂 


PG Tips

So those are just a few traditions if you want to celebrate this festive time with us. You can pick and choose what your like

I’m thinking lets celebrate 400 years worth of Christmas, eating Taffy, wearing a paper crown while trying to stay afloat ?